Library adds 2016 UNIDO data to collection; with new platform interface

The EUI Library has acquired UN Industrial Development Organisation Industrial Statistics to release 2016. The platform has also been redesigned. UNIDO provides harmonised industrial development statistics for 166 countries from 1963 to present. Via the new interface, EUI users can now access all UNIDO data in INDSTAT 2 (without accessing INDSTAT 4). MVA 2016 and CIP 2016 are also available. UNIDO INDSTAT2 industrial data are presented at the 2-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities (manufacturing sector) comprising 23 industries.

World Statistics Day 2015: European Union initiatives

UN World Statistics Day is 20 October 2015. Among many international events is the release of the new wave of World’s Women 2015: trends and statistics. European Union initiatives are explained in this Eurostat release. Director General of Eurostat, Dr. Walter Radermacher, said that “Modern democratic societies rely on a solid basis of reliable and objective statistics to function properly. Decision-makers at EU level, in Member States, in local governments and in business need statistics to make their decisions. But in a democracy all citizens need statistics, as they are essential to evaluate the performance of decision-makers. This is the invaluable role of European official statistics.” For research data support at the EUI, please visit the Data Services page. To arrange a data appointment, write to Thomas Bourke at [email protected]

New UN Trade Data Extraction interface for Comtrade

The UN has launched a new Trade Data Extraction interface for Comtrade, providing international merchandise trade statistics for 140 countries from 1962 to present. Users are invited to test the new resource and send feedback (via the link at the top of the beta page). Note that the test platform has a download limit of 50,000 observations. EUI members have full access to the current UN Comtrade subscription (no download limit) via the Library’s Comtrade resource page. In late June, Comtrade is scheduled to add an application programming interface (API) for ease of download, collation and integration of data. Full details.