Upgrade of EUI Data Portal

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Data-Portal-Cropped-220x50The EUI Library Data Portal was upgraded with a new tabular structure and two new resource guides on 12 September. The Data Portal is a one-stop index to licensed and open data resources for economic, social, political economic and economic historical research.

The Portal was presented at the Badia Fiesolana, on Tuesday, 13 September. EUI members who would like to receive the PPT should write to [email protected].

The Macro Index in the Data Portal, gives access to national, regional and global economic statistics are available from major providers, including Thomson Reuters, Eurostat, IMF, World Bank, OECD, ECB, WIIW, UN and many others.

The Micro Index in the Data Portal, gives access to Micro-socioeconomic data at the individual, family, household and firm level are available from Eurostat, ICPSR, GESIS, Bureau van Dijk, UKDS, DIW and many others.

Two new resource pages were added to the Data Portal on 12 September:

The Factiva-Dow Jones’ data resource guide focuses on the Companies & Markets Data section of the Factiva database; including information on how to locate, elaborate and export data on single companies or selections of companies by peer group. Filings reports for public companies – including balance sheets, cash flow, income statements, geographic segment breakdown and key ratios – are available. Custom reports can be generated from contents in the Snapshot, including news, key developments and financial information.  Market data charts can also be generated.

The re3data data repositories’ guide introduces the registry of research data repositories maintained by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Purdue University.  The registry functions as a one-stop resource for locating and connecting to heterogeneous research data repositories in all scientific disciplines worldwide. Datasets can be located via the portal search engine, or the three browse functions (i) subject (ii) content type and (iii) country.

EUI members are reminded of the special registration procedure for Library-hosted micro data:

  • complete the micro data registration form (selecting the required data set from the drop-down menu) and;
  • sign two (paper) conditions of use agreements at the Economics information office (BF085) or at the Economics Departmental Library information desk
  • registered EUI users are given access to the Library’s restricted data server.
  • applicants may also be required to complete parallel registration with data issuers. Specific instructions are provided on each micro data description page under “How to access”.

Autumn orientation sessions for economists and users of statistical data are listed on this Library page.

For assistance, please write to Thomas Bourke at [email protected]