Welcome to #LibJab, the Library newsletter

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You are reading the first edition of the new EUI Library newsletter, #LibJab.

#LibJab has an intentionally hybrid nature that allows a conversation between the Library and its users. Every item appearing in print can be found in the Library blog, where we encourage you to leave your comments. This will help us to better understand your needs, and tailor our services. Our mission is to provide first-class resources and services to the EUI community, to support the research and the academic activities of the Institute, while creating a unique academic collection in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities in a European dimension. In doing this, we want to use all possible means to communicate with you: professors, researchers and visiting scholars – the widest range of social scientists and researchers in the humanities.

This year, as in the past, we have set ourselves new objectives, and with this first issue of #LibJab we want to better explain how we intend to gradually achieve the established goals. Our need to communicate with you is, however, independent from our current strategy and objectives. We need to communicate, we need to advertise and to inform, we need to be in touch. Whether our role is to select and make accessible the outstanding academic collections that we acquire, or to facilitate excellence in research — an outcome reflected in Cadmus — we want to open this new multi-format medium.

#LibJab combines print with electronic content to highlight our activities, present the collections which are available to you — some of which perhaps you were unaware of until now – but which are most definitely there and which we invite you to make the most of. Let me remind you, whether you come in person or whether you consult our digital environment, that Library services and resources are always available to you. From today we will bring them into focus, draw your attention to them, and maybe even discover them for you, through this new quarterly newsletter, which I hope you will enjoy reading.