It’s World Book Day!

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For the 8th year, on 23 April, the Library will celebrate World book Day and Sant Jordi – come and share with us your love for books and literature!

On April 23rd, Catalonia comes alive with the vibrant celebration of Sant Jordi. This tradition intertwines elements of romance, literature, and cultural heritage into a splendid tapestry of festivity. Legend holds that Saint George, or Sant Jordi in Catalan, valiantly vanquished a fearsome dragon to rescue a princess. From the dragon’s blood sprouted a rose bush, thus linking the exchange of roses with this day as a symbol of love and admiration.

However, Sant Jordi also coincides with World Book Day, adding an enriching layer of literary significance to the festivities. This convergence stems from the fact that April 23rd marks the anniversary of the deaths of renowned writers such as Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. In homage to these literary giants, Catalans engage in the exchange of books, transforming the streets into a labyrinth of literary delights. The ambiance is electric, with flower stands adorning every corner and bookstores beckoning passersby with enticing displays. Authors partake in book signings, readings, and discussions, fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts of the written word.

At the Library, we like to virtually join these celebrations and every year hand out roses and encourage readers to tell us about their favourite books. Come to the Library and follow us on social media to know more!

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