World Book Day Meme and Bookface competition: the winners

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It’s been a while since we announced that this year, under the sponsorship of the Secretary General Marco Del Panta, for the customary World Book Day/Sant Jordi (23 April) celebration we would have a competition.

On 23 April we shared book recommendations from all around the EUI in the form of memes and bookfaces. We are delighted to announce that the funniest recommendations, hence the winners of the competition, are:

Laia Darbra

Laia recommended with a meme Homage to Catalonia, by George Orwell.

Jackie Gordon

Jackie recommended with a witty hybrid between a bookface and a meme Open, by Andre Agassi.

“I don’t play tennis, athlete autobiography is not my literary genre, and I never read Italian translations of English language books. That said, this book kept me up several nights reading into the early morning hours–I could not put it down.

Andre Agassi tells a great story of what it takes to be a champion: talent, tenacity, physical health, and above all, psychological strength. He also illustrates, in gripping detail, the physical and emotional pain of pushing all of those qualities beyond normal human endurance. ”

Fergal Treanor

Fergal recommended the Homer’s Odyssey.

“Is any story as complete as Homer’s Odyssey? All of life is here. Our hero overcomes addiction, escapes humiliation with the help of a god, makes impossible choices (see meme), contrives to enjoy forbidden pleasures, consults with long-dead ancestors, is marooned in the wrong place for too long, and finally finds his way home to love, marriage, and mass murder. Slightly sexist in parts, but mythical text is an open thing, and the Odyssey has been retold in many ways – by James Joyce, Madeline Miller, and countless children’s authors. Warmly recommended to all!”


As the winners of the competition, Laia, Jackie and Fergal will soon receive their prize, a copy of A history of Florence 1200-1575 by John M. Najemy.