#WriteNow with Academic Writing Month

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Have you ever stared at a white Microsoft Word document, not knowing how to start writing? Have you spent hours trying to complete a sentence while procrastinating on the web, at home, or at the EUI cafeteria? You are not alone! Writing a dissertation, a paper or a PhD thesis (even a blog post like this!) is a daunting task for most people, so you’re not alone. How can you use this awareness in your favour?

This November, the Library will launch for the first time an Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) campaign. Academic Writing Month (also known by its acronym AcWriMo) is an annual Web-based writing event challenging participants to meet a self-set writing goal during the month of November”, based on the National Novel Writing Month (“NaNoWriMo”) initiative.

On our social media channels we will share advice, techniques and initiatives taking place on the web and at the EUI for the whole month. If you are member of a writing group or you’re starting one, please get in touch and share your experience with us.

Read more details in the infographic below.

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Here’s the list of books shared on our social media during AcrWriMo.