12 good reasons for applying to the Max Weber Programme

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picture 6The aim of the Max Weber Programme is to provide the Fellows with the experience of membership of a vibrant academic community, to which they make a central contribution. The Programme offers Fellows the unique opportunity to share their research experience with peers from different disciplines and nationalities on a daily basis, whilst enhancing professional academic skills and acquiring the MWP Teaching Certificate. The Programme not only supports their research but also helps them develop the skills they will need in their future academic careers.

Located in the magnificent setting of the Badia in San Domenico di Fiesole near Florence, the Programme gives Fellows access to some of the best research facilities in the world, provides them with research funds, and encourages them to collaborate and learn from each other through thematic groups and the organisation of workshops andconferences involving Fellows, members of the Professoriate and distinguished academics from outside the EUI.

Support is provided for academic writing in English and applying for research grants by the EUI Language Centre/FIESOLE Group under the umbrella Academic Communication Skills. A structured Programme covers all aspects of an academic career, including the opportunity to teach in some of Europe’s top universities.

There are at least 12 very good reasons for applying to the Max Weber Programme:

  1. The Max Weber Programme (MWP) is the largest interdisciplinary postdoctoral training programme in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe, appointing more than 40 Fellows from all over the world every year.
  2. The MWP is a unique postdoctoral programme aimed at recent PhD graduates in Economics, History, Law and Social and Political Sciences.
  3. It is focused on developing excellence in academic practice and research, and support in pursing an academic career.
  4. All Fellows receive a stipend and a research allowance.
  5. Each Fellow is affiliated to either an EUI department or the RSCAS, and provided with a mentor.
  6. During the Fellowship teaching opportunities are offered both within the EUI and at local universities as well as abroad through the Teaching Exchanges.
  7. The Academic Careers Observatory offers support for Fellows entering the job market.
  8. At the EUI, Fellows are part of an international community of over 1,000 scholars from more than 60 countries.
  9. Fellows have access to an office, including a desktop computer, phone, internet and printing facilities. They also have access to the EUI’s excellent research library.
  10. English is the working language and Academic Communication Skills support is provided through the Language Centre and the FIESOLE Group.
  11. The MWP and EUI offer language courses, housing assistance and a children’s creche.
  12. Last but not least, MW Fellows have the opportunity to enjoy the non academic amenities organized by the EUI community, such as vibrant nights of music, theater, choral singing, socializing at the Bar Fiasco and several sports.