7th Max Weber Fellows’ June Conference, 12-14 June 2013

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June Conf. Group photo.cropped

7th Max Weber Fellows’ June Conference, 12-14 June 2013

The 2013 June conference of the Max Weber Programme brought past and present Fellows together under the roof of Villa La Fonte for the fourth time, and was the biggest conference so far in terms of number of fellows coming back and presentations. A total of 40 former fellows who represented all   7 cohorts and 4 disciplines came back to Villa La Fonte for the last time.

The conference provided a perspective on the ‘Max Weber Fellows’ contributions to Social Sciences and Humanities’ in research and academia. It was also a forum for the fostering of cross-disciplinary and inter-cohort academic collaboration, and for reflection on the MWP experience and academic experiences in teaching and in the job market, to the benefit also for future cohorts of Fellows.

The organizing committee was composed of: Janine Balter (ECO), Jean Beaman (SPS), Thomas Beukers (LAW), Adam Bower (SPS), Julia Cordero Coma (SPS), Daniel Horn (SPS), Swen Hutter (SPS), Anita Kurimay (HEC), Migle Laukyte (LAW), Marcos Nakaguma (ECO), Ramon Marimon (MWP) and Karin Tilmans (MWP).

The first day of the conference concluded with a Keynote talk by the MWP Director Ramon Marimon on “Subjective Rationality and Trust – (On Social Sciences and the Euro crisis; an economist’s perspective)”.