Applications to the Max Weber Programme over time

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The 2011 deadline for applications for the Max Weber Programme for the academic year 2012-2013 has recently passed. There is a steady increase in the number of applications until 2010 when they peaked at 1139 and then declined in 2011 by 10.3%.

[singlepic id=76 w=250 h=220 float=center]The decrease from European candidates has been marginal, namely 5.4 %, while the biggest decrease was from American candidates which was almost 30%. The US and Canadian application have declined from 141 to 91 which may indicate that the US market has started to pick up after 2 years of stagnation. The other regions seem to have settled at the 2009 level.

If we instead look at the applications by gender and discipline, it appears that there has been a decline in the share of the female applicants where in 2011 42.4% of total as opposed to almost 44% in 2010. The highest reduction in the share of female applicants was in Economics, where they plummeted from 36% to 28% of total.

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