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Worlds of Civil War: Globalizing Civil War in the Late Twentieth Century

Max Weber Occasional Talk
Jointly organized with the Department of History and Civilization
David Armitage
Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History, Harvard University
21 May 2015, 17:00-19:00
Badia, Emeroteca



This paper critically examines the “globalization” of civil war in three distinct, but overlapping, ways. First, civil wars became global phenomena, seemingly distributed across all parts of […]


Thomas Hobbes and the Person of the State

Max Weber Lecture
Quentin Skinner
(Queen Mary University London)
20 May 2015, 17:00-19:00
Badia, Refettorio




Nowadays when we speak about the state we generally use the term simply to refer to an apparatus of power.  As a result — at least in Anglophone political theory — ‘state’ and ‘government’ have become virtually synonymous terms.  My […]


Constitutions: How They Change and Evolve through Institutional Practice

Multidisciplinary Research Workshop
8 May 2015, 14:00-16:00
Seminar Room 2







What role do Constitutions play in national and supranational polities? How do they evolve over time? This workshop aims to discuss issues like the legitimacy of constitutional amendments and their limits, the actors who drive constitutional change, the constitutional nature of conventions, the […]