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Three meanings of Brexit

Max Weber Lecture by Kalypso Nicolaides (University of Oxford) 26 October 2016, 17:00-19:00, Badia – Refettorio Chair: Alex Katsaitis (Schuman Centre) Presenter: Brigid Laffan (Director of the Schuman Centre) Abstract: I will discuss three meanings of brexit – starting with a definition of “meaning” as narrative, as opposed to explanation, rationalisation or implication. Meanings matter, I argue, […]

Poverty Research Workshop

Friday 5 December 2014, 9:15-17:00 MWP Common Room. Badia   Abstract: The “Poverty Research Workshop” aims to establish an inter-disciplinary discussion on poverty research, the future directions and uses of a poverty research network, and ways in which academic practice can be linked to society today. There will be a number of speakers from a […]

Information Economics and Macroeconomics Theory

     Roger Meyerson Noble Laureate and Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Wednesday 18 June, 17:00-18:00, Refettorio, Badia Before the development of information economics in the 1970s, there was no microeconomics of banking on which macroeconomic theory could be based.  Moral-hazard agency theory and the economics of information can provide the basis for […]