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When law comes to town: the European legal framework for digital labour platforms in the “collaborative economy”

by Antonio Aloisi (MWF-LAW) The European labour market is experiencing radical change, fuelled by digitalisation, “platformisation”, and demographic dynamics. Think of pioneers such as the ride-hailing company Uber, the on-demand delivery multinational corporations Deliveroo and Foodora, the cleaning services firm Helpling or the professional freelancing dispatcher UpWork. How many times do you use their apps […]

Marginalized Perspectives from South-East Europe: Between/Beyond Poverty and Empowerment?

Julia McClure and Julija Sardelič * In November 2017 a wokshop in Slovenia encapsulated the possibilities that can develop from the exchange facilitated by the Max Weber Programme of the European University Institute. The workshop was a collaboration between the former Max Weber Fellow Dr Julia McClure and Dr Julija Sardelic. It was part of […]

All about gender

By Nevena Kulic* Some decades ago, the movement for gender equality faced a challenging goal: calling for greater gender equality, the feminists pushed for women’s education and paid work. Women were looking for equal opportunities, the right to economic independence and a career, sexual freedom, and an appreciation of their potential in the workplace and […]