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News from the Academic Careers Observatory

By Igor Guardiancich, Academic Careers Observatory, MWP March 2011 marks the 4th year since the establishment of the Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) of the Max Weber Programme. Since then, the Observatory has been assisting young scholars at all stages of their career through its online resources. The website provides a comparative framework for reflection on […]

In Fiesole and beyond: facilitating academic mobility in Europe

by Nicky Owtram, Head of the Language Centre, EUI The FIESOLE Group came into being hand in hand with the opening of the Max Weber Programme in September 2006. A group of applied linguists, educationalists and language professionals from various higher education institutions in Europe met to brainstorm ideas about how to give concrete support […]

“Libya: What Went Wrong?”

by Claudia Anna Gazzini, Max Weber Fellow, 2009-2011 The explosion of violence that followed the popular demonstrations in Libya in mid-February and the ensuing civil war caught everyone by surprise. All parties, with few exceptions, had predicted that the wave of popular revolt originating in Tunis and Cairo would not wash the shores of Tripoli. […]