newslette 11 Summer 2016

The Villa Paola Years Begin

By Richard Bellamy (Director of the Max Weber Programme)   After three years in the Badia, the MWP is on the move again and has just taken possession of Villa Paola. Situated between the Badia and Villa Schifanoia, we retain the benefits of being at the heart of the EUI, while regaining the advantages of […]

The impact of economic sanctions on income inequality of target states.

 by Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor (RSCAS 2015-2016)*  It is a popular claim in sanctions literature that the imposition of economic sanctions on target states is a double-edged sword that slays both the innocent civilians and political or economic elites alike. At the micro level, many studies have demonstrated that the imposition of sanctions affects different segments […]

Between academic and popular history: exploring the Renaissance

By Catherine Fletcher (HEC 2010-2011) Most academics read reviews of their books with some trepidation. They can console themselves, though, that while a bad review might hurt professionally, it’s unlikely to be read outside a limited group of peers. Once you start writing for a wider audience, life is very different. In May this year, […]

Women and Inequality in Academia – Experiences, Analyses – 10th Max Weber Fellows’ June Conference

10th Anniversary MW Fellows June Conference round table Summary by Zsófia Lóránd (HEC 2015-2016), Invited speakers: Juliana Bidadanure (Assistant Professor, Stanford University, SPS 2014-2015), Diana Georgescu (Lecturer in History, UCL, HEC 2014-2015), Annaïg Morin (Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, ECO 2012-2013), Mariely Lopez-Santana (Associate Professor, George Mason University, SPS 2006-2007), Cristina Poncibò (Professor in Comparative […]