Newsletter 6 Autumn 2013

Applications to the Max Weber Programme Still on the Rise

   The latest call for applications to the MW Fellowships for 2014-2015 just closed on 25 October. Once again the Max Weber Programme shows its strength and appeal: applications went up 15 percent by comparison to the previous call totaling a new record (1277). The success of the Programme is  highlighted further by the comparison with the 8 […]

First-Hand Job Market Experiences

By Tamara Popic, Academic Careers Observatory From June to October 2013, the Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) of the Max Weber Programme (MWP) carried out interviews on the job market experience of the former Max Weber Fellows (MWF), both early- and mid-career scholars. The main purpose of these interviews was to hear about the Fellows’ experience […]

Investigating Publishing Strategies and Career Trajectories in the European Context

By Laurie Anderson, MWP Academic Communication Skills   How do patterns of co-authorship, language choice and preference for certain publication outlets link up with disciplinary differences? And how do these aspects of scholarly publishing tie in with the career trajectories of young scholars in the European context?  A recent article by Laurie Anderson, University of […]

Democracy, Inequality, and Representation in Europe

  By Zoe Lefkofridi, Max Weber Fellow, SPS, 2013-2014 I am interested in democracy and representation in Europe with a special focus on inequality. My work aims to juxtapose normative democratic theory and models of political representation and participation with the empirical reality of the European Union (EU). In particular, my focus is on how European integration […]