Newsletter 2 Fall 2011

Everyday life and fatal hazard in sixteenth-century England

by Tomasz Gromelski, Max Weber Fellow, 2010-2011 Modern societies congratulate themselves on their high health and safety standards and excellent healthcare systems that enable them to reduce significantly the risk of accident-induced fatal injuries among the populace. We are constantly reassured that a great deal of effort and funding is directed towards devising and employing […]

Training Mission, National Prosecutors College, China-EU School of Law, Beijing

“Crimes Relevant to Intellectual Property Law” By Andrea Wechsler, Max Weber Fellow, 2011-2012   From 15-16November 2011, Andrea Wechsler co-organized and participated in a China-EU School of Lawtraining of Chinese prosecutors on the issue of criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights at the National Prosecutors College of the P.R.China(国家检察官学院) in Beijing. Over the last thirty-year […]

Immaculata – a short story

by Nathan Marcus, Max Weber Fellow 2010-2012 Some say my crazy stories are my best and I thought this might be a good way to tell my most recent. It was a week ago on Wednesday. When I got up in the morning I realized I had left my phone at my friend’s place. I […]

Recent Events – In the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Multidisciplinary Research Workshop 12 October 2011, Villa La Fonte by Virginie Collombier, Max Weber Fellow 2011-2012 Since the end of 2010, the Arab world has been experiencing dramatic and unexpected change. Peoples who had long been regarded as apathetic have been mobilizing en masse and standing up for their dignity. Leaders who had been clinging […]