Newsletter 3 Spring 2012

Welcome to our New Fellows 2012-2013

We would like to welcome the Max Weber Fellows 2012-2013. The list is almost set for the coming academic year; a total of 46 Fellows have been appointed, 19 women and 27 men. The total gender balance over the 7 cohorts of Fellows looks like this: 144 female and 163 male Fellows. The Fellows for […]

Using Twitter for Scholarly Purposes

By Serge Noiret, History Information Specialist, EUI Library Reflections following the Atelier Multimédiain Digital History held by @sergenoiret, (EUI History Information Specialist) on Wednesday 28th of March 2012 for the Max Weber Programme in Villa La Fonte. (The PowerPoint presentation of the course and the PDF of the accompanying slides are available here). So, you […]

French nuclear energy and the 2012 presidential campaign

By Isabelle Guinaudeau, Max Weber Fellow 2011-2012 in SPS One year after the accident in Fukushima, support for nuclear energy is growing among the French public. As shown by the election surveys TNS-Sofres TriÉlec, the proportion of those claiming to be favourable to “the production of energy through nuclear power plants” has increased by 12 […]

Can incentives change children’s lunch choices and develop healthy habits?

By Jonathan James, Max Weber Fellow 2011-2012 As a result of the rising level of childhood obesity children’s diet has become a major concern for policymakers in most developed countries. According to the World Health Organization (2002) nutrition plays a significant role in four of the ten leading risks behind disease burdens. Still, poor diet […]