National Political Communities and International Institutions

Max Weber Programme Multidisciplinary Research Workshop, 11, 12 June 2018 Workshop organizers: Angelo Caglioti, León Castellanos-Jankiewicz, Madeleine Dungy Workshop financial Sponsors: Max Weber Programme, Max Weber Occasional Lecture Series, EUI Department of History and Civilization, Pieter Judson Western democracies are displaying an increasing ambivalence towards liberal internationalism, as seen in the rise of populist, nationalist, and […]

The Ethical Knob and Self-driving Vehicles

Francesca Lagioia* Accidents involving Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) raise difficult ethical dilemmas; legal issues emerge from hypothetical accident scenarios, where AVs have to make decisions involving human lives. A classic example with which to introduce such an ethical dilemma is based on the following   scenario: in a dangerous and unavoidable accident situation, your AV must decide […]

A Theory of Emotional Choice for International Relations

Robin Markwica * Why do states often refuse to yield to military threats from a more powerful actor, such as the United States? Why do they frequently prefer war to compliance? International Relations scholars generally employ the rational choice logic of consequences or the constructivist logic of appropriateness to explain this puzzling behavior. Max Weber, however, suggested […]

How European is European Private International Law?

A conference in Berlin, 2 and 3 March 2018, Organized by Jürgen Basedow, Jan von Hein, Eva-Maria Kieninger and Giesela Rühl Over the course of the last decades the European legislature has adopted a total of 18 Regulations in the area of private international law (including civil procedure). The resulting substantial degree of legislative unification […]