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neville-jonesA talk by

Baroness Pauline Neville Jones
10 February 2015, 17:00-19:00

Villa Schifanoia, Sala Europa



As part of the MWP Events by MW Fellows the Max Weber Programme is proud to host a talk by Baroness Neville Jones of Hutton Roof former National Security Adviser to David Cameron, and Security Minister in Her Majesty’s Government.

Formerly Chairman of the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee, Lady Neville Jones has also been Political Director at the Foreign Office and a governor of the BBC. She was Britain’s chief negotiator at the Dayton Accords which brought an end to the Bosnian War. Earlier in her career she was deputy chef de cabinet to Commissioner Christopher Tugendhat and served the Foreign Office in Singapore and Bonn.

She will deliver her address at a time when dangers to European security are particularly acute. In particular:


  • The recent terrorist attacks in France have raised again the question of a more ambitious anti-terrorist policy at EU level.


  • Russia’s actions in Ukraine present the EU with a further set of serious security challenges.


  • Some European states, and the EU itself, are engaged militarily on different fronts beyond the EU, from Mali to ISIS.

The talk is organized by the Fellows Damien Gerard (LAW), Thomas Raineau (HEC) and Garvan Walshe (SPS)

Jennifer Welsh (SPS Professor) will introduce the speaker

Garvan Walshe (SPS MW Fellow 2014-2015) will chair the event

All welcome but please register with [email protected]


European Security Baroness Neville JonesEuropean Security Baroness Neville Jones