Lectures and Talks

Podcasts 2017-18

Max Weber Lecture by Wolfgang Schoen (Max Planck Institute on Tax Law and Public Finance), Fiesole 11 October 2017

Podcasts 2016-2017

Keynote Lecture by András Sajó (CEU), ‘Upholding Constitutionalism’, Fiesole 9 June 2017

Keynote Lecture by Claudia Goldin (Harvard University), ‘Career and Family: Confluence or Collision’, Fiesole 8 June 2017

Keynote Lecture by Sarah de Lange, ‘A Patriotic Spring? On the Globalisation of National Populism’, Fiesole 8 June 2017

Max Weber Lecture by Mark Philp (University of Warwick), 10 May 2017

Max Weber Lecture by Sally Engle Merry (NYU), 26 April 2017

Max Weber Lecture by Rhacel Salazar Parreñas (University of Southern California), 22 March 2017

Max Weber Lecture by Barry Eichengreen (Berkeley), 15 February 2017

Max Weber Lecture by Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University London), 18 January 2017

Max Weber lecture by Ngaire Woods (University of Oxford), 14 December 2016

Max Weber Lecture by Philippe Van Parijs (Université Catholique de Louvain), 16 November 2016

 Max Weber Lecture by Kalypso Nicolaidis (University of Oxford), 26 October 2016

Podcasts 2015-16

MW Lecture by Rogers Brubaker (UCLA), 15 June 2016


MW Lecture by Sir Stephen Wall (Official Historian of Britain and the EU), 9 June 2016


MW Lecture by Reva Siegel (Yale University), 16 March 2016


MW Lecture by Sarah Birch (University of Glasgow), 17 February 2016


MW Occasional Talk by David Laitin (Stanford University) 21 January 2016


MW Lecture by Daniel Cohen (Paris School of Economics) 20 January 2016


MW Lecture by Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University) 9 December 2015