Max Weber Fellowship Applications 2013-2014

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MWP applications 2013-2014

As in every year, 25 October was the deadline to apply for Max Weber Fellowships for the coming academic year 2013-2014. The MWP is currently in the process of reviewing and selecting the eighth cohort of Fellows from of a pool of 1,120 candidates.

This year, the number of applications is very close to the record year 2011-2012 (1,139), and the applications are divided as follows by discipline, with last year’s figures in parenthesis: ECO 177 (228), HEC 276 (263), LAW 156 (125) and SPS 511 (406). While between 2005 and 2010 there was a steady increase in the total number of applications from year to year, we’ve seen that over the last three years the numbers have been fairly stable, but with quite a bit of variation within the disciplines.

In comparison with last year, ECO is the only discipline where the number of applications has declined (by 22%). Despite the reduction in the number of applications in ECO, it is unlikely that the success rate will increase, as about half of the ECO Fellows are now being offered 24-month Fellowships. On the other hand, in both LAW and SPS there has been a significant increase, of around 25 % in both disciplines, while there was a small increase of 5 % in HEC. The overall increase in the number of applications compared to 2012-2013 is 10%.