The Max Weber Programme on the Move …

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Ramon Marimon

Ramon Marimon, Director Max Weber Programme

The Max Weber Programme is ‘on the move.’ We are packing up and moving to the Badia Fiesolana, the historic building of the EUI and, not without nostalgia, leaving behind the historic building of the MWP. But looking ahead, the MWP will be well located within the Badia and Fellows will appreciate being close to the Library and other EUI facilities (Bar Fiasco?), while EUI researchers and faculty may also benefit from having the MWP, with its activities, on the EUI centre stage.

The packing up is also involving some permanent departures, even if almost no one is going too far. Giovanni Torchia and Nastos Pandelis will not move with the MWP -. Susan Garvin is moving with the Programme, but just for a few weeks, since after September she will be able to ride her horse as much as she wants. The ‘old equilibrium’ where, from the early everyday morning, Pandelis was taking care of the Villa, Giovanni of the Bar and Susan of the MWP is now part of the MWP history, and it’s good to know that she will do most of her riding in the Mugello, which hopefully will allow her to keep in touch. The only one moving a little further away is Alanna O’Malley, who after having learned so much about Academic Careers with ACO, is going to follow her own in the Netherlands. I am also moving with the Programme, but already packing most of my stuff to be sent to the Economics Department of the EUI, which I will join in full professorial capacity at the start of 2014, so not a great distance either…
The rest of the MWP team remains, with Karin Tilmans as Acting Director, from January 2014 until the new MWP Director, Richard Bellamy, arrives in full capacity in May 2014 (part time, January – April, 2014), Sarah Simonsen as the main Administrator of the MWP, and Ognjen Aleksic with the Programme full time fromthe beginning of the academic year. The MWP Language team continues unchanged, and the only new member of the MWP team is Tamara Popic, who is finishing her PhD in SPS, and will lead the Academic Careers Observatory from September 2013. I am sure the incoming Max Weber Fellows will appreciate the experience and professionalism of the MWP team, as I have appreciated them during these years, and will continue to do so until the end of the calendar year.
As in all previous years, the main move is that most of this year’s Max Weber Fellows are going away, really away, and the new cohort of Max Weber Fellows is arriving in September. My best wishes in the pursuit of their academic careers to those leaving, and a warm welcome to those arriving. In sum, the Max Weber Programme is ‘on the move’ and it will be for the best.
Ramon Marimon
July 2013