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The Ethical Knob and Self-driving Vehicles

Francesca Lagioia* Accidents involving Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) raise difficult ethical dilemmas; legal issues emerge from hypothetical accident scenarios, where AVs have to make decisions involving human lives. A classic example with which to introduce such an ethical dilemma is based on the following   scenario: in a dangerous and unavoidable accident situation, your AV must decide […]

Marginalized Perspectives from South-East Europe: Between/Beyond Poverty and Empowerment?

Julia McClure and Julija Sardelič * In November 2017 a wokshop in Slovenia encapsulated the possibilities that can develop from the exchange facilitated by the Max Weber Programme of the European University Institute. The workshop was a collaboration between the former Max Weber Fellow Dr Julia McClure and Dr Julija Sardelic. It was part of […]

A Theory of Emotional Choice for International Relations

Robin Markwica * Why do states often refuse to yield to military threats from a more powerful actor, such as the United States? Why do they frequently prefer war to compliance? International Relations scholars generally employ the rational choice logic of consequences or the constructivist logic of appropriateness to explain this puzzling behavior. Max Weber, however, suggested […]

All about gender

By Nevena Kulic* Some decades ago, the movement for gender equality faced a challenging goal: calling for greater gender equality, the feminists pushed for women’s education and paid work. Women were looking for equal opportunities, the right to economic independence and a career, sexual freedom, and an appreciation of their potential in the workplace and […]