Announcements – Prizes and Distinctions

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Prizes and Distinctions awarded to Max Weber Fellows in 2011

Stelios Bekiros, Max Weber Fellow 2008-2009

Received the Best Reviewer Prize/Award for 2010 by the prestigious European Journal of Operational Research

Elise Dermineur, Max Weber Fellow 2010-2011

2011, Received a Bernadotte Schmitt Grant from the American Historical Association for my project on  “Indebted peasants and their emotions in early modern France, 1700-1789”.

Tina Freyburg, Max Weber Fellow 2011-2012

March 2011: Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) International Geneva Award (CHF 5.000) for co-authored article on EU democratic governance promotion published in Democratization 18(4). The Jury selects the prize-winning article on the basis of their originality, the direct relevance for International Organizations and the strength of the methodology applied.

February 2011: European Union Studies Association (EUSA) Award (USD 100) for best paper presented at the 2009 international conference in Los Angeles.

Laura Magi, Max Weber Fellow 2009-2010  

Has been awarded  by the Italian Society of International law for the best article written by a young scholar. (article: “Sull’attribuzione ad una organizzazione internazionale dell’attività di società private che operano per suo conto”)

Quinton Mayne, Max Weber Fellow 2009-2010

2011, Received two dissertation awards from the American Political Science Association (APSA):
the Ernst B. Haas Best Dissertation Award from the European Politics and Society Section of APSA and the Best Dissertation Award from the Urban Politics Section of APSA.

Violet Soen, Max Weber Fellow, 2008-2009

2011, will on 10 December receive the Award Erik Duverger of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KoninklijkeVlaamseAcademie van BelgiëvoorWetenschappen en Kunsten) for her dissertation on noble and Habsburg peace attempts during the Dutch Revolt. It is a distinction for historical studies based on comprehensive archival research.