Publications by Max Weber Fellows  in 2012

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Can Aybek, SPS Fellow 2008-2009

(2012) Windzio, Michael and Aybek, Can M.: Erwachsen werden in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft. Der Auszug aus dem Elternhaus bei jungen Erwachsenen türkischer und deutscher Herkunft. Wiesbaden: Ergon Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-89913-913-6

Mariano Barbato, SPS Fellow 2007-2008

Mariano Barbato, Chiara de Franco, Brigitte Le Normand, “Is There a Specific Ambivalence of the Sacred? Illustrations from the Apparition of Medjugorie and the Movement of Sant’Egidio”, Politics, Religion & Ideology, 13/2012 nr. 1, pp.53-73.

Eszther Bartha, HEC Fellow 2007-2008

(2011) Bartha, Eszter – Tamás Krausz (eds.): Háború és nemzeti önismeret (War and national remembrance). Budapest, Ruszisztikai Könyvek XXXII.

The book includes essays from Russian and Hungarian authors, which engage in a critical dialogue about Hungary’s role in the Second World War and the attack against the Soviet Union. The volume seeks to show that as opposed to various national myths, the Hungarian government bears a heavy responsibility for the country’s entering the war, and the Hungarian army committed serious war crimes in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union.

Eszter Bartha: „It can’t make me Happy that Audi is Prospering”: Working Class Nationalism in Hungary after 1989. In: Kalb, Don and Gábor Halmai (eds.), Headlines of Nationalism, Subtexts of Class, Berghahn Books, (EASA Series), Oxford and New York, 2011, 163-200.

Stéphane Beaulac, LAW Fellow 2006-2007

(2010) The Interpretation of Legislation in Canada, 4th ed., Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 811 pages (with P.-A. Côté & M. Devinat)

(2011)JurisClasseur – Droit constitutionnel, Toronto: LexisNexis, loose-leaf (over 1200 pages) (with J.-F. Gaudreault-Desbiens)

(2011) Interpretatio non cessat – Mélanges en l’honneur de Pierre-André Côté / Essays in Honour of Pierre-André Côté, Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 363 pages (with M. Devinat)

(2011) “The Rule of Law, International Law and Interlegality: What Heuristic Model (Thin, Thick or ‘À la Carte’)” 24 Revue de la recherche juridique – Cahiers de méthodologie juridique 2171-2184

(2012) “Lost in Transition? – Domestic Courts, International Law and Rule of Law ‘À la Carte’),” in E. Kristjánsdóttir, A. Nollkaemper & C. Ryngaert (eds.), International Law in Domestic Courts – Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict States, Antwerp: Intersentia, 17-34

(2011) “Canada,” in D. Shelton (ed.), International Law and Domestic Legal Systems – Incorporation, Transformation, and Persuasion, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 116-157 (with J.H. Currie)

(2010) “Вестфальская Парадигма и Дуалистическая Теория Претворения Международного Права: Уроки Северной Америки по Использованию Международного Права в Национальных Юрисдикциях [The Westphalian Paradigm and the Dualist Theory of Reception: Lessons from North America in Using International Law Domestically]” 14 Russian Yearbook of Canadian Studies 13-43

Firat Cengiz, LAW Fellow 2008-2009

(2012) The 2011 General Elections in Turkey: Potential Implications on Domestic and International Politics in the Shadow of a Discourse Change?=, 65 Parliamentary Affairs 255 (with Lars Hoffmann)

(2011) Judicial Review and the Rule of Law in EU Competition Law Regime After Alrosa?, 7 European Competition Journal 127

Daniela Comande, LAW Fellow 2011-2012

(2012) COMANDÈ D. The Right To Collective Bargaining In Action: The Ongoing Short-Circuit Between Economic And Social Dimensions, in European Journal of Social Law, n.2, ISSN: 2033-9755, (forthcoming);

(2011) COMANDÈ D. La revoca del part-time dopo il collegato lavoro: la nuova amministrazione autoritaria e la flessibilitá negata, in Rivista Giuridica del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale, n.4, pt.II, pp. 586-594, ISSN: 0392-7229;

(2011) COMANDÈ D. Unitas multiplex: il trasferimento d’azienda irriducibile a mera successione di funzioni. (ECJ, 20 Gennaio 2011, C-463/09, CLECE SA c. María Socorro Martín Valor, Ayuntamiento de Cobisa), in Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro, n.4, pt.II, pp. 1251-1262, ISSN: 0393-2494;

Cecile D’Albis, HEC Fellow 2010-2011

(2012) Book: Richeleu, Collection Nouvelles biographies historiques, EAN 9782200249090,

Sarah Easterby-Smith, HEC Fellow 2010-2011

(2012) Easterby-Smith, Sarah, ‘Thinking Through Things’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 43(1), pp. 208-212.

Catherine Fletcher, HEC Fellow 2010-2011

Her book Our Man in Rome: Henry VIII and his Italian Ambassador was published by Bodley Head in February 2012 and recounts the diplomatic manoeuvrings around Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon. It is getting great reviews: the Sunday Times called it a ‘glittering debut’ and Hilary Mantel, Booker Prize-winning author of Wolf Hall, described it as ‘a brilliant and impressive feat of original research, and necessary reading for anyone fascinated by the story of Henry’s divorce’. It will be published in the USA by Palgrave Macmillan in June under the title The Divorce of Henry VIII: The Untold Story from Inside the Vatican.

Margherita Fort, ECO Fellow 2006-2007

(2011) “The Causal Effect of Education on the Body Mass: Evidence from Europe”,joint with G.Brunello and D.Fabbri, forthcoming in the Journal of Labor Economics (University of Chicago Press)

Tina Freyburg, SPS Fellow 2011-2012

(2012) Freyburg, Tina ‘The Janus Face of EU Migration Governance: Impairing Democratic Governance at Home – Improving it Abroad?’, in: European Foreign Affairs Review 17(2): 125–142. (link to article:

(2012) Freyburg, Tina ‘Planting the Seeds of Change Inside? Functional Cooperation with Authoritarian Regimes and Socialization into Democratic Governance’, in: World Political Science Review 8(1): 1-45. (

Sakis Gekas & Manuel Borutta, HEC Fellows 2006-2007

(2012) European Review of History: Revue europeenne d’histoire, Volume 19, Issue 1, 2012, Special Issue: A Colonial Sea: the Mediterranean, 1798–1956 Une mer coloniale: la méditerranée de 1798 à 1956

Isabelle Guineaudeu, SPS Fellow 2011-2012

(2012) BROUARD Sylvain, GROSSMAN Emiliano, GUINAUDEAU Isabelle, “La compétition partisane francaise au prisme des priorités électorales. Compétition sur enjeux et appropriations thématiques”, Revue francaise de science politique, 62(2), April 2012, 255-276.

(2012) PERSICO Simon, FROIO Caterina, GUINAUDEAU Isabelle, “Action publique et partis politiques. L’analyse de l’agenda législatif francais entre 1981 et 2009”, Gouvernement et action publique, 1, 13-35.

(2012) GUINAUDEAU Isabelle, Les partis politiques allemandes, Questions internationales, 54, March 2012, 31-35.

(2012) BROUARD Sylvain, GOUGOU Florent, GUINAUDEAU Isabelle, PERSICO Simon, “Les Français, le nucléaire et la campagne présidentielle”, available on the website of the Trielec election survey.

Alexandra Katsanidou, SPS Fellow 2009-2010

Intergroup Conflict and the Media: An Experimental Study of Greek Students after the 2008 Riots,David Hugh-Jones, Alexia Katsanidou, Gerhard Riener

Abstract: We report a laboratory experiment in the context of the December 2008 riots in Greece, after the killing of a 15-year-old student by a policeman. Our sample comprised 266 students from the University of Thessaloniki. We tested whether media reports can affect people’s willingness to harm those in opposing groups by examining the way students allocated money between themselves and others of various professions, including police, in modified dictator games. Exposure to media reports decreased giving to police, but only when choices were private. Laboratory behaviour was correlated with self-reported participation in demonstrations, supporting the external validity of our measure. Media exposure appears to have affected behaviour by different pathways than those proposed in the existing literature, including “spiral of silence” and “frame alignment” theories.


Sara Konoe, SPS Fellow 2009-2010

(2012) Konoe, Sara “Seisaku Tenkan to Gabanansu: Kinyu Sisutemu Kaikaku to Kaigo Hoken Seido Douyu no Jirei kara (Policy Change and Governance: A Comparative Case Study of the Financial System Reform and the Introduction of Long-Term Care Insurance System)” Global Japanese Studies Review 4 (1), 75-100, Meiji University.

David Koussens, SPS Fellow 2009-2010

(2012) Koussens, D et Breton, J-F. De l’Église à la paroisse. Discours sur l’homosexualité au Québec. Québec Studies, vol. 12, no 33, p. 55-67.

(2011) Koussens, D. Expertise publique sous influence? Rapports publics français et québécois relatifs à l’expression individuelle des convictions religieuses dans les institutions publiques. Archives de sciences sociales des religions (Éditions de l’EHESS), vol. 55, p. 61-79.

(2011) Koussens, D. La religion “saisie” par le droit. Comment l’État laïque définit-il la religion au Québec et en France ?, Recherches sociographiques, vol. 52, no 3, p. 811-832.

Giuseppe Martinico, LAW Fellow 2010-2011


(2011) G.Martinico, Lo spirito polemico del diritto europeo Studio sulle ambizioni costituzionali dell’Unione, Aracne, Roma

(2012) G.Martinico, The Tangled Complexity of the EU Constitutional Process: The Frustrating Knot of Europe, Routledge, London (forthcoming)

Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

(2011) G.Martinico, “Born to Be Together: The Constitutional Complexity of the EU”, (Canadian) Review of Constitutional Studies, 63-95

(2011) G.Martinico, “How “European” is the Italian Regional State now? A study on the Europeanization of the Italian Regional System”, Revista de Estudios Autonomicos y Federales (REAF) REAF, núm. 14, 36-66

(2012) G.Martinico, “Multiple Loyalties and Dual Preliminarity: how hard it is being judge in a multilevel legal order!”, International Journal of Constitutional Law (forthcoming)

(2012) G.Martinico, “Is The European Convention Going To Be “Supreme”? A Comparative-Constitutional Overview Of ECHR And EU Law Before National Courts”, European Journal of International Law(forthcoming)

(2012) G.Delledonne-G.Martinico, “Legal Conflicts and Subnational Constitutionalism”, Rutgers Law Journal (forthcoming)

(2012) G.Martinico, “Chasing the European Court of justice, International Community Law Review, (forthcoming)

(2012) F.Fontanelli-G.Martinico, “Browsing The XX Files Necessity in the GATT, and why it is not like proportionality in the EU”, SWUPL International Law Review, Xiamen University Press, (forthcoming)

Lorenzo Mosca, SPS Fellow 2006-2007


(2012) Lorenzo Mosca, La webpolitica. Istituzioni, candidati, movimenti fra siti, blog e social network, Le Lettere, Firenze.

Abstract: Il libro presenta una riflessione sulla politica online in Italia, interrogandosi sul se e sul come internet contribuisca a ridefinire i confini, i processi e gli attori dell’arena politica. Proponendo il termine webpolitica, ci si focalizza sull’uso di internet da parte di alcuni dei principali attori del sistema politico italiano, presentando i risultati di una serie di ricerche effettuate dall’autore nel corso degli ultimi anni. In particolare, si guarda a come internet influenza i rapporti fra cittadini e istituzioni nelle fasi di governo, a come interviene nelle relazioni fra candidati ed elettori durante le campagne elettorali, alle modalità con cui esso è utilizzato da soggetti esterni all’arena politica istituzionale, come i movimenti sociali.

Questo volume è indirizzato a tutti coloro che si interessano di comunicazione politica online e intende proporsi come un’introduzione al tema per studenti e studiosi di scienze della comunicazione, sociologia e scienza politica.

Roman Petrov, LAW Fellow 2006-2008

(published refereed articles)
(2011) in co-authorship with P. Van Elsuwege, “Towards a New Generation of Agreements with the Neighbouring Countries of the European Union? Scope, Objectives and Potential Application of Article TEU”, 36(5) European Law Review (2011) 688-703.

(2011) in co-authorship with P. Kalinichenko, “The Europeanization of Third Country Judiciaries through the Application of the EU Acquis: The Cases of Russia and Ukraine”, 60(2) International and Comparative Law Quarterly (2011) 325-353.

Giesela Ruhl, LAW Fellow 2007-2008

(2011) Rühl, G.: Consumer Protection in Choice of Law. In: Cornell Journal of International Law [Cornell J. Int’l L.] 44, 2011, pp. 569-601

Irit Samet, LAW Fellow 2008-2009

(2012, March)’On Pain and Privation’ 4(1) European Journal for Philosophy of Religion p. 19.

(2012, May) ‘‘What Conscience Can Do for Equity’ 3(1) Jurisprudence.

Kristin Surak, SPS Fellow 2010-2011

(2012) Surak, Kristin. Making Tea, Making Japan: Cultural Nationalism in Practice. Stanford: Stanford University Press

(Book chapter)

(2012) Surak, Kristin. “Migration Industries and Developmental States in East Asia.” In Migration Industries and Migration Management, Ninna Nyberg Sørensen and Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, editors. London: Routledge.

Rebecca Zahn, LAW Fellow 2010-2011

(2011) R. Zahn, ‘I casi Viking e Laval: tra problemi di allargamento e soluzioni poco fortunate’ in M. Cartabia (ed.), Dieci casi sui diritti in Europa. Uno strumento didattico, Il Mulino, at pp. 225 – 237

(2011) R. Zahn & B. de Witte, ‘La prospettiva dell’Unione europea: dare preminenza al mercato interno o rivedere la dottrina Laval?’ Giornale di diritto del lavoro e di relazioni industriali 433 – 446