Publications By Max Weber Fellows received in 2013

Past Publications:


Eszter Bartha, HEC Fellow 2007-2008

Alienating Labour: Workers and the Road from Socialism to Capitalism in East Germany and Hungary, Berghahn, Oxford-New York


Gregorio Bettiza, SPS Fellow 2012-2014

“Religion and American Foreign Policy in the Context of the Postsecular Turn in World Politics and the Social Sciences”, International Politics Reviews, 1:1, forthcoming Fall 2013


Stéphane Beaulac, LAW Fellow 2006-2007

-co-authored with Jean-François GAUDREAULT-DESBIENS, JurisClasseur – Droit constitutionnel, Toronto: LexisNexis, 2011, loose-leaf (over 1200 pages)

-“The Myth of Jus Tractatus in La Belle Province: Quebec’s Gérin-Lajoie Statement” (2012) 35 Dalhousie Law Journal 237-266

– “La problématique de l’interlégalité et la méthodologie juridique – Exemples canadiens d’opérationnalisation du droit international,” in J.-Y. Chérot et al. (eds.), Le droit, entre autonomie et ouverture – Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Louis Bergel, Brussels: Bruylant, 2013, 25-36

-“International Law Gateway to Domestic Law: Hart’s ‘Open Texture,’ Legal Language and the Canadian Charter” (2012) 46 Revue juridique Thémis 443-484


Firat Cengiz, LAW Fellow 2008-2009

Turkey and the European Union – Facing New Challenges and Opportunities, edited with Lars Hoffman, Routledge, London, forthcoming November 2013


Ignacio de La Rasilla del Moral, LAW Fellow 2011-2012

Historia del Pensamiento Iusinternazionalista Español del Siglo XX’, Thomas Reuters Aranzadi (2013)

“The Dilemma of the Three Wise Monkeys? Transnational Laws as a Tool of Constitutional Interpretation and the US SupremeCourt”, Transnational Legal Thoery, 4: 2, pp. 227-257


David Do Paço, HEC Fellow 2013-2014

Eighteenth Century Central Europe in Transcontinental Trade: the Trading Company of Molla Mustafa and the Viennese Conscription of 1767“, in Daniel Dumitran and Valer Moga (ed.), Economy and Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Territory, population, consumption, Münster, LIT Verlag, 2013, p. 31-42.


Gaetano Gaballo, ECO Fellow 2010-2011

“Good Luck or Good Policy? An Expectational Theory of Macro-Volatility Switches”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming


Eirini Karamouzi, HEC Fellow 2013-2014

Edited the  Special Report A Strategy for Southern Europe  published by the LSE IDEAS Southern European International Affairs Programme. More information here


Stèphanie Novak, SPS Fellow 2011-2012

“The Silence of Ministers: Consensus and Blame Avoidance in the Council of the European Union”, Journal of Common Market Studies, 51


Stefano Recchia, SPS Fellow 2011-2012

Just and Unjust Military Intervention: European Thinkers from Vitoria to Mill, edited with Jennifer Welsh, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK forthcoming December 2013


Bekiros Stelios, ECO Fellow 2008-2009, Alessia Paccagnini, ECO Fellow 2010-2011

“Macroprudencial Policy and Forecasting Using Hybrid DSGE Models with Financial Frictions and State Space Markov-Switching TV-VARs”,  Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming


Mindia Vashakmadze, LAW Fellow 2008-2009

‘Secrecy vs. openness: counterterrorism and the role of the German Federal Constitutional Court’, in Secrecy, National Security and the Vindication of Constitutional Law (eds. David Cole, Federico Fabbrini and Arianna Vadaschi), Edward Elgar 2013, pp. 44-56

‘Shared responsibility for the prevention of genocide?’ SHARES Research Paper 14 (2012), at


Karin M. de Vries, LAW Fellow 2011-2012

Integration at the Border: the Dutch Act on Integration Abroad and International Immigration Law, Hart Publishing, Portland, Oregon 2013