Sense and Sentiment in the Early Modern World

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1 March 2013, Emeroteca, Badia

Joint conference by the Department of History and Civilization and the Max Weber Programme, EUI 


‘Sense and Sentiment in the Early Modern World’ is a one-day colloquium which brings together scholars to explore how their research speaks to the history of feelings, beliefs and bodily senses in the early modern world.

Papers will be given on a range of topics from affect to physiology, and will find links between the history of emotions and the fields of transnational history, the history of science and religion, and gender history. What emotional cultures characterized the early modern period? What were the early modern vocabularies and taxonomies of emotion? How were senses and sentiments represented and expressed?

Raising these questions will allow this colloquium to address some enduring disciplinary issues concerning the historical specificity of sense and sentiment.

All welcome to attend, for logistical reasons please register with Susan Garvin.

For more information, see the conference webpage.

Organizers: Jennifer Hillman and Ananya Chakravarti, Max Weber Fellows, HEC