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Poverty Research Workshop

Friday 5 December 2014, 9:15-17:00 MWP Common Room. Badia   Abstract: The “Poverty Research Workshop” aims to establish an inter-disciplinary discussion on poverty research, the future directions and uses of a poverty research network, and ways in which academic practice can be linked to society today. There will be a number of speakers from a […]

The MWP Annual Report 2012-2013 has been published

2012–2013 was the 7th academic year of the Max Weber Programme and, in several respects, marks the end of a first period of the programme. Change and continuity will mark this transition. Change in housing and directorship; continuity in funding, fellowships, activities, and most of the MWP team. How change and continuity interact determines success […]

Multidisciplinary Research Workshop, 13 November 2013, Common Room, Badia

 “Income Tax: a Multidisciplinary Perspective on the Politics of Representation”      The Max Weber Fellows organize a multidisciplinary workshop titled “Income Tax: a Multidisciplinary Perspective on the Politics of Representation” to discuss how representations and analysis of income taxation are generated, disseminated and entrenched politically, eventually becoming ‘common sense’ or contested heresy. Invited speakers […]

Exiting the Euro Crisis?

Multidisciplinary Research Workshop, Max Weber Programme & Pierre Werner Chair  By Thomas Beukers, Max Weber Fellow 2012-2013, LAW On 17 October 2012 the Max Weber Programme, together with the Pierre Werner Chair of the Robert Schuman Centre, organised the second Multidisciplinary Research Workshop of this academic year on “Exiting the Eurozone Crisis”. Professor Tom Cooley […]

Max Weber Programme Publications

MWP Annual Report The Max Weber Programme Annual Report for the Academic Year 2010-2011 has just been published. The report includes a description of the programme activities, speakers and fellows. In addition the new affiliations of the fellows, their publications and other activities undertaken by them during their Max Weber Fellowship are mentioned. Read the […]