The Max Weber Programme 2006 – 2013

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Villa La Fonte

Villa La Fonte, Home of the Max Weber Programme 2006-2013

The Max Weber Programme 2006 – 2013: The Villa La Fonte years  

The Max Weber Programme team is in the process of preparing a 7-year report, which will summarize the most relevant features of the Programme in its first seven years. From September 2006, when the Programme opened its doors at Villa La Fonte to the first cohort of 40 Max Weber Fellows, to the summer of 2013 when the MWP faces a number of major changes. From the start Villa La Fonte was the home and a meeting point of the MWP, it has provided a beautiful place in which to reflect, discuss and work, and has given character to the MWP. In the end, however, what characterizes the MWP in these first years are:  the Max Weber Fellows, the MWP activities and the people who have made them possible.

The report will focus on these characteristics: it will provide basic ‘historical’ statistics of the MWP, contain a new study by the Academic Careers Observatory, assess the impact of the postdoctoral programme, and it will highlight the main Multidisciplinary Research and Academic Practice Activities of the programme. These activities have evolved throughout the years, as the MWP has been a learning experience from its outset, but they have also provided continuity and structure to the programme, making it unique within the Social Sciences and Humanities.

More to follow in the Fall.