The MWP Reports on Another Fruitful Academic Year

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Cover1-WebThe MWP Report for 2013-2014 has just been published. “There are three trends that emerge from this report that are worth highlighting. First, entry to the Programme is increasingly competitive as the number of applicants steadily rises – last year by 12.6%, from 1115 applicants in 2012 to 1277 in 2013. Second, the application pool and the Programme itself is increasingly global in character. The main rise in applications comes from the increasing number of candidates from outside the EU.  The third trend is the phenomenal success of the Programme in preparing Fellows for the job market, with all but two of the Fellows of the 2013/14 cohort having found an academic position.

The coming year will see the pilot of the new thematic research groups and the opportunity to increase the number of Fellows. This expansion is made possible by allowing the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies to fund MWP Fellows rather than running its own separate Jean Monnet postdoctoral fellows programme (JMFs will henceforth be relatively established early career researchers with more than 5 years postdoctoral experience), and by additional funding from member states of the EUI as well as from other state and non-state funders. I look forward to reporting on these and other new developments in next year’s report.” (Foreword by Richard Bellamy, Director of the Max Weber Programme)


Due to environmental and financial concerns this year the Report will have very limited circulation in printed version. You can still read it on line or download the document in pdf