Olivier Roy

Does the political shift, among European voters, towards populism entail a return to traditional values? No.

Values are more than opinions: they claim to have some coherence, to shape a world-view, to be opposable, even imposable, to others, and to organise own’s life. They are often the result of a secularisation of religious norms (or “translation” in the Habermas sense: making religious values acceptable to secular people by rending them “autonomous” […]

The political dimension of the Covid19 epidemic in the Middle East

Even if as a general rule authoritarian regimes might be more politically resistant than democratic ones to a high level of mortality due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they cannot prevent information from spreading, not only because of social networks but also because the population will have concrete and personal experiences of the losses. The argument […]

After ISIS? Remember before ISIS!

The majority of speculation on the future of ISIS sees it as a central organisation that has been masterminding global jihad. We tend to forget that jihadism and terrorism predate ISIS by 20 years. There are in fact three “theatres of operations” where ISIS has been the dominant factor since 2014, corresponding to three different […]