Recent trends in Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Aid Policy

(paper presented by Louis Blin at the conference « Impact of Gulf States’ foreign aid on protracted crises », Florence, June 23, 2023) This paper does not aim at giving a global overview of Saudi Arabia’s foreign aid policy. It rather tries to find out how it might evolve, through a record of its recent trends. According […]

New Op-ed| De-escalating Tension in the Gulf: Why Efforts to Facilitate Arab-Iranian Dialogue should be Intensified

Co-authors: Tamer Badawi (Policy Leader Fellow, STG), Luigi Narbone (Director of MEDirections) Escalatory dynamics in the Gulf have reached levels not seen since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Since the commencement of President Donald Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, they seem to be going beyond the harsh rhetoric of the last few years. […] In times […]