Border enforcement, migration controls, and mobility practices

What commercial flight data can tell us about irregular migration

When discussing immigration, we often categorize migrants into two groups: those who follow legal pathways (regular) and those who enter a country through clandestine means (irregular). However, there exists a third, less recognized category known as overstayers. These individuals initially arrive in a country with a valid visa but stay beyond the authorized period. Typically, […]

How to reduce statistical discrimination and increase student enrolment from developing countries? Evidence from Canada

International student flows from emerging and developing countries have grown tremendously over the last decades In the global race for talent, more and more countries are turning to international students as a potential source of highly skilled workers. In light of the long-medium term benefits of international students, OECD countries introduced measures aimed at increasing […]

Kidnapped Future: Ukrainian Minor Refugees in Russia

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion nearly 8 million people have left Ukraine—the majority are women and children. According to UNHCR almost 2.8 million of them have gone to Russia. While the estimated numbers of children who have been brought to Russia vary greatly, what we do know is that many have not […]

Borders of rich and poor countries have abundant cross-border traffic infrastructure, new global dataset reveals

A new global dataset on cross-border roads, paths, railroads, and ferries reveals that borders of very rich and very poor countries have ample cross-border traffic infrastructure, much more so than middle-income countries. Why is this the case? Our new study explores this counterintuitive pattern and potential explanations. From border fortification to cross-border traffic infrastructure Borders […]