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Crossing the research-policy boundary

Crossing the research-policy boundary   Whether driven by funding institutions, research organisations or the need to inject an evidence base into a growing body of migration policy worldwide, migration researchers are increasingly trying to be more policy relevant. In my work as a researcher, and, now, overseeing research on migration funded under the EU’s Horizon […]

Turkey and the EU: consensus or contention?

The visit of the Turkish president, Tayyip Erdoğan, to Brussels on 4-6 October 2015 and his meetings with high-ranking EU officials caused an intense media discussion. The reason is the set of measures discussed by Turkish and European officials regarding current migration crisis management. The measures discussed, among others, include the collaboration between Turkey and […]

The State of the Union Debate: Have Citizens´ Key Concerns Been Addressed?

On May the 9th, the second of a series of three Europe-wide televised debates between the candidates for European Commission President was held in Florence. We have chosen to focus on this debate, for it was scheduled to coincide with highly symbolic Europe Day, celebrated annually on May the 9th, in honour of Robert Schuman´s […]

Why bother with migrant support measures?

MISMES – Migrant Support Measures from an Employment and Skills Perspective – have spread globally in the past few years and have become a typical tool of international labour migration management. But why should we care about MISMES? Why are MISMES so important? MISMES have become particularly popular since the adoption of the EU 2004-2006 […]