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Demographic and Geopolitical Imperatives need to Drive a new Approach to Migration Policy

On the 31st of March, a workshop on migration was co-organised by the Migration Policy Centre and the consultancy firm Futour, on behalf of the representation of the European Commission in Italy. The workshop entitled “L’Europa e le Politiche di Migrazione” (Europe and Migration Policies), was held in Naples and brought together academics, civil servants, […]

EU-Africa Summit: A Eurocentric Approach

2-3 April 2014, 80 European and African Heads of State and Government and leaders met in Brussels for the fourth EU-Africa Summit. Although the Summit had originally been planned to focus on security and development issues, recent events on the Southern frontier of the EU (more than 350 persons, mostly refugees from Syria, Somalia and […]

Care work and the feminization of labour migration to Italy through the current economic crisis

Italian scholars have increasingly discussed whether and how the ongoing economic recession has affected the employment of migrant workforce (Bonifazi & Marini 2013; Pastore, Salis & Villosio 2013; Reyneri, 2010). Most of the questions concern home-care for elderly people, which is, traditionally, an important source of employment for foreign women (Picchi 2012; Semenza 2012; Qualificare […]

Why bother with migrant support measures?

MISMES – Migrant Support Measures from an Employment and Skills Perspective – have spread globally in the past few years and have become a typical tool of international labour migration management. But why should we care about MISMES? Why are MISMES so important? MISMES have become particularly popular since the adoption of the EU 2004-2006 […]