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Understanding Today’s Populism as Ethnic Nationalism

Finding the answer to the populist challenge starts by seeing that ethnic nationalism underpins and propels most movements across the West Today’s populism We are in a populist moment. Populists are making startling gains in support and access to power across the West. The election of Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit in 2016 […]

Out there on your own: integration without family

When the number of asylum seekers arriving in Europe surged in 2015 and 2016, it was only a matter of time before the issue of family reunification would arise. After all, many asylum seekers were married men, hoping to arrange for their spouse and children to join them. European countries that were still struggling to […]

Search-and-Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean: Are they a ‘pull factor’ for sea crossings of migrants?

Since the large inflows of asylum seekers and other migrants in 2015, migration across the Mediterranean Sea has captured the attention of the public and received extensive media coverage all over Europe. What stimulates or stems sea crossings of migrants? How should the ‘European Rio Grande’ – a pervasive parallel with the equally sensitive US-Mexico […]

A Turning Tide? Venezuelan Displacement and Migration Governance in Peru

Initially, South American countries were very empathetic and welcoming towards Venezuelan forced displacement – a migration wave that started to sweep across the region in 2015 – employing immigration policies that allowed regular entry and temporary residence. In many respects, Peru stood as the regional leader in receiving those fleeing Venezuela as a result of […]