attitudes to immigration

Making Sense of Narratives: Concepts, Causes, Effects and Uses in Migration Research

“Narratives” on, about, for or against international migration are increasingly cited by a wide range of organisations, including national governments, international organisations and NGOs, as one of the most powerful factors in migration policymaking today. For example, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights claimed that narratives ‘play a fundamental role in […]

The Special Eurobarometer on Integration of Immigrants in the European Union: An initial reaction

Last week the Eurobarometer published the aggregated data of their special survey on the integration of immigrants in the European Union (Special Eurobarometer 469). Although the most informative findings will only come after the upcoming publication of the study’s individual-level data, for those working on attitudes to immigration (such as us at the Observatory of […]

Feeling threatened by immigrants in your neighbourhood?

Keywords: attitudes to immigrants, neighbourhood, community, defended neighbourhoods, Netherlands   Didier Ruedin (, Sjoerdje van Heerden   Using panel data on attitudes to immigrants in the Netherlands, we set out to test the so-called ‘defended neighbourhood’ thesis, a derivative of the ethnic-threat perspective. This statistical analysis, part of a research project funded by the Swiss […]

The Dutch aren’t turning against immigration – the salience of the immigration issue is what drives Wilders’ support

The key story in the 2017 Dutch election campaign so far has been the high levels of support for Geert Wilders’ PVV in opinion polls. But what explains the PVV’s ability to attract voters? James Dennison, Andrew Geddes and Teresa Talò write that although Wilders’ success is frequently linked to hardening views on immigration, attitudes toward immigration […]