irregular migration

How to Measure the Rights of Irregular Migrants?  The Case for Implied Rights

Irregular migrants – those without the legal right to reside and work in host countries – are among the individuals most vulnerable to labour market exploitation and fundamental rights abuses. Developing effective policy solutions to address this reality requires, among other things, a better understanding of the current context of legal rights protections for irregular […]

Irregular migrants in Europe: Why national institutions matter for conditions and policy  

In recent years, few public policy issues have created more heated public and political debates across European countries than irregular migration. National governments and the European Union as a whole have been under pressure from their voters to come up with “more effective” policies—with some defining effective as stronger immigration controls and exclusions and others […]

Stranded: the impacts of COVID-19 in irregular migration and migrant smuggling

Stranded: the impacts of COVID-19 in irregular migration and migrant smuggling documents how around the world, the COVID-19 response has been intentionally coupled with migration restrictions and controls, compounding the risks migrants in transit face– in particular those traveling irregularly. Responses are not limited to those aimed to stop contagion. Border closures, cancellation of court […]

Search-and-Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean: Are they a ‘pull factor’ for sea crossings of migrants?

Since the large inflows of asylum seekers and other migrants in 2015, migration across the Mediterranean Sea has captured the attention of the public and received extensive media coverage all over Europe. What stimulates or stems sea crossings of migrants? How should the ‘European Rio Grande’ – a pervasive parallel with the equally sensitive US-Mexico […]