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Migration and the ‘rise of the right’ in South America: Is there an increasing anti-immigration sentiment in the Southern Cone?

Recent decisions and actions of some governments of the ‘Southern Cone’ of South America have created major controversies and put the migration agenda in the spotlight. Chile decided not to sign the Global Compact for Migration (GCM)1 just a few hours before the Marrakesh Conference2 started. The new government of Brazil confirmed that the country […]

What can Interdependence tell us about Migration Governance?

Drawing from new research on migration in the Middle East, this blog post shows how migration-related interdependence does not simply allow ostensibly more powerful states – in this case Egypt – to push their policy agenda onto supposedly weaker states, such as neighbouring Jordan and Libya. Interdependence, in fact, can allow the ‘weak’ to coerce […]

The New Chilean Government and its Shifting Attitudes on Migration Governance

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has started his second term in office – his first presidency was 2010-14 – with a strong shift on migration policy and governance. The inability of the previous President, Michele Bachelet, to modify Chile’s out-dated Pinochet-era immigration law from 1975 has given Piñera the perfect excuse to make migration reform one […]

Feeling threatened by immigrants in your neighbourhood?

Keywords: attitudes to immigrants, neighbourhood, community, defended neighbourhoods, Netherlands   Didier Ruedin (https://druedin.com/), Sjoerdje van Heerden   Using panel data on attitudes to immigrants in the Netherlands, we set out to test the so-called ‘defended neighbourhood’ thesis, a derivative of the ethnic-threat perspective. This statistical analysis, part of a research project funded by the Swiss […]