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The State of the Union Debate: Have Citizens´ Key Concerns Been Addressed?

On May the 9th, the second of a series of three Europe-wide televised debates between the candidates for European Commission President was held in Florence. We have chosen to focus on this debate, for it was scheduled to coincide with highly symbolic Europe Day, celebrated annually on May the 9th, in honour of Robert Schuman´s […]

Demographic and Geopolitical Imperatives need to Drive a new Approach to Migration Policy

On the 31st of March, a workshop on migration was co-organised by the Migration Policy Centre and the consultancy firm Futour, on behalf of the representation of the European Commission in Italy. The workshop entitled “L’Europa e le Politiche di Migrazione” (Europe and Migration Policies), was held in Naples and brought together academics, civil servants, […]

Research and policy: a troubled relationship?

Research and policy do not always seem to fit very well together. There is a massively increased research interest in migration in Europe and at EU level, but does all this research actually filter through to affect policy? It would probably be surprising if it did and not only because of the sheer amount of […]

Migration and mobility: a key for the EU to win the hearts and minds of Ukrainians

The Ukrainian political crisis over the EU association agreement stands as the most painful reminder of the unresolved issues that will determine the future of Europe in its geographical borders. Ukrainian society is deeply divided about the country’s future international alignment: while a short majority is in favour of having closer relations with the EU, […]

Does migration policy push innovation? Yes, it does!

Highly-skilled migrants seem the solution for European needs in terms not only of growth but also for innovation. Does research provide evidence for this general impression? Measuring innovation is very complex. Two proxies are used to measure innovation in production: the registration of patents; and total factor productivity. The registration of a patent at the […]