The Politics Of Regularisation Of Migrant Labour In Italy

Covid-19 has turned the Italian political debate on immigration upside down. On May 2020, the Italian government approved a new plan to temporarily regularise up to 200,000 undocumented migrants who are working or have worked in the past in the agricultural sector or as care-workers. Rather than as a threat or danger, a regularisation for […]

Understanding Today’s Populism as Ethnic Nationalism

Finding the answer to the populist challenge starts by seeing that ethnic nationalism underpins and propels most movements across the West Today’s populism We are in a populist moment. Populists are making startling gains in support and access to power across the West. The election of Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit in 2016 […]

National institutions vs EU policies? Why and how differences in welfare states and other national institutions can contribute to political conflicts about the rules for the free movement of workers in the European Union

Migration is today one of the most divisive issues in the European Union (EU). In the wake of the drastic rise in the number of refugees and other migrants arriving in Europe over the past few years, EU countries continue to disagree sharply about how to reform common EU policies for asylum and immigration from […]

The New Chilean Government and its Shifting Attitudes on Migration Governance

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has started his second term in office – his first presidency was 2010-14 – with a strong shift on migration policy and governance. The inability of the previous President, Michele Bachelet, to modify Chile’s out-dated Pinochet-era immigration law from 1975 has given Piñera the perfect excuse to make migration reform one […]