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Acceptance of Refugees and Solidarity in the EU

The European Union is still feeling the reverberations of the 2015 migrant crisis, which sowed deep divisions among member states about the acceptance of refugees and migrants. Against this background, the Ukraine crisis has triggered the largest inflow of refugees in Europe since the second world war. As part of the ERC Synergy Project SOLID […]

Why are Ukrainian refugees welcomed in Central and Eastern Europe?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine means that countries in Central and Eastern Europe are facing an unprecedented number of refugees crossing their borders. Poland, for instance, received around 100,000 refugees in the previous 30 years and then over 2 million in the first three weeks of the conflict with a huge wave of popular support […]

Concerns About Social Conflict Might Explain Immigration Preferences – Here’s Why

Migration is likely to remain one of the world’s most important political challenges throughout the twenty-first century. Simultaneously, public attitudes to immigration increasingly constitute a, if not the, major parameter for policy makers when attempting to react to these challenges and opportunities in every corner of the globe. As such, understanding what explains attitudes to migration […]