Fundraiser: Photo Exhibition ‘Walking with the Caravan: Central American Exodus of 2018’

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The Schuman Centre raised 200 EUR from the sale of the photographs of the exhibition ‘Walking with the Caravan: Central American Exodus of 2018’ which was displayed at the Schuman Centre in the framework of Luigi Achilli’s Marie Curie research project ‘MAPS – Migrants and People Smugglers’. The photographs were taken by the Brazilian photographer Livia Radwanski reflecting on the organised caravan of migrants fleeing from systemic violence, poverty and economic instability in the region known as the northern triangle in Central America: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

On behalf of the EUI Refugee Initiative, a huge thank you to the photographer, the donors and the organisers, for their generosity! The proceedings will be used to cover special medical expenses, additional education and trainings, as well as participation in extra-curricular activities of our guests.