The EUI Refugee Initiative is a volunteer and community-led project through which the EUI hosts a group of asylum seekers, usually around 6, on campus. Our guests live in flats at the Badia, share their meals at the mensa, take language courses, play sports and participate in other social activities at the EUI. The goal is to give meaningful support throughout the integration process of our guests in Italy, using the unique resources and surroundings of the EUI Community. The EUI established the project in 2015, in cooperation with the Caritas Florence and the Chapter of the Cathedral of Fiesole. Over the years we had the pleasure to host young guests from many different countries. The EUI Refugee Initiative thrives thanks to the active participation of our community and everybody is warmly welcome to join!

We are organised in the following subcommittees:

The HOUSING AND LOGISTICS COMMITTEE is responsible for the conservation and care of the real estate properties and mobile property provided to our guests. The EUI offers two fully restored apartments with common areas for socialising, fully equipped kitchens for cooking, free internet connection.

The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE takes care of internal and external communication. It informs the EUI community through regular blog posts and email alerts. Moreover, it keeps contact with external interested parties and manages the common email address.

The FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE organises fundraising activities, goods collections, and other activities that support the initiative financially.

The SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE organises cultural and social activities with the aim to foster friendships and connections between EUI staff and our guests, making sure that they feel as an integral part of the community of the Institute and beyond. Moreover, it ensures the promotion of and participation in on-going initiatives in the city of Florence and surroundings. 

The LANGUAGE, EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMMITTEE organises classes and training opportunities (e.g. language, IT, etc.) on the basis of interest and competencies of our guests to ensure that they acquire valuable skills in order to develop personally as well as professionally. It also sets up language-tandems between our guests and members of the EUI community.

The GENERAL COORDINATION UNIT is in charge of the general organisation of the initiative and coordinates the different subcommittees.