Pranzo in Amicizia

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On 24 December 2018, our guests participated in the “Pranzo in Amicizia”, a Christmas Eve collective lunch organised by Società Culturale Arnaldo Fortini of Assisi. Just like every year since 2012, the event took place in the historical Palazzo Vallemani in Assisi with over 120 guests participating. The aim of this annual lunch is to bring together people from different cultural and social backgrounds enjoying a nice meal together, offered by the restaurants of the city, and playing traditional Christmas games like tombola. Our guests started their adventure with a train ride from Florence to Assisi. They had a great time discovering a different Italian region. After enjoying an abundant meal of mushroom lasagna, fish and roasted potatoes, the guys played table football and pool, while young talented scouts were singing Christmas carols accompanied by an accordion. Before taking the train back to Florence our guests had the chance to walk around the amazing city of Assisi and see the marvellous Church of St. Francis.