Visit to the Galleria degli Argenti

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On 11 July 2017, our guests and volunteers joined a group of asylum seekers from Caritas for a special organised visit to the Galleria degli Argenti of the Pitti Museum. It is a pilot project launched by the Comune di Firenze with the aim to introduce culture through art. The very knowledgeable guide provided the group with interesting facts on all the pieces of art. The participants were very enthusiastic, asking many questions, as some of them are very learned in raw materials. When at the end of the visit the group was asked for feedback in order to further improve this special type of interactive visit the most salient response from all was: discovering the culture of the host society is an important means for asylum seekers to understand the society they seek to integrate into. It constitutes an important step towards successful integration. Or, as one of the participants put it: « Senza storia non c’è presente né futuro ».