Recommended readings

All the participants are warmly invited to read all the following articles and chapters prior to the start of the SPS Summer Academy 2019.

  • Beckfield, Jason_2013_The end of equality in Europe?_Current History 112:94‐99
  • Bernardi, Fabrizio & Ballarino, Gabriele_2016_Education as the great equalizer: A theoretical framework. framework. in ibid. (eds.) Education, Occupation and Social Origin: A Comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio‐Economic Inequalities. Elgar.
  • Bernardi, Fabrizio_“La pericolosa curva grande Gatsby”_TED talk Pisa
  • Esping-Andersen, Gosta _2002_Towards the Good Society Once Again, in: Esping‐Andersen, G., D. Gallie, A. Hemerijck and J. Myles (2002), Why We Need a New Welfare State, Oxford: Oxford University Press, chapter 1 (pp. 1‐25)
  • Habermas, Jürgen_2013_The Future of Europe: Democracy or Capitalism? On the Abject Spectacle of a capitalistic World Society fragmented along national lines | Reset Dialogues on Civilizations | a venue for all tribes – response to Streeck_Reset DOC, 1 July 2013
  • Hemerijck, Anton_2011_21st Century Welfare Provision is More Than the ‘Social Insurance State’. A Reply to Paul Pierson_ZeSArbeitspapier, No. 03/2011
  • McLanahan, Sara_2004_Diverging destinies? How children are faring under the second demographic transition?_Demography 41(4): 607-627
  • Pierson, Paul_2011_The Welfare State over the Very Long Run_ZeSArbeitspapier, No. 02/2011
  • Sangiovanni, Andrea_2013_Solidarity in the European Union’_Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 33: 213‐41
  • Streeck, Wolfgang_2014_Small-State Nostalgia? The Currency Union, Germany, and Europe: A Reply to JürgenHabermas’, Constellations 21: 213‐21
  • Van Parijs, Philippe _2019_Just Europe_2019 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.Philosophy&Public Affairs no. 9999
  • Young, Michael_2001_Down with the meritocracy_The Guardian 20 June 2001
  • NEW: Immergut, Ellen M._2018_State Of the Union Address_Welfare State Futures, What Role for Solidarity?

The following readings are compulsory for the Workshop on Tuesday 25th June

  • Buis, Maarten_2012_ The Composition of Family Background: The Influence of the Economic and Cultural Resources of both Parents on the Offspring’s Educational Attainment in the Netherlands between 1939 and 1991_ European Sociological Review; 29 (2012), 3. – S. 593-602
  • Orloff, Ann Shola and Skocpol, Theda_1984_Why Not Equal Protection? Explaining the Politics of Public Social Spending in Britain, 1900-1911, and the United States, 1880s-1920_ American Sociological Review 49(6): 726-750
  • Shapiro, Ian_2002_Problems, Methods, and Theories in the Study of Politics, or What’s Wrong With Political Science and What to Do About It_ Political Theory Vol. 30, No. 4, What Is Political Theory? Special Issue: Thirtieth Anniversary (Aug, 2002), pp. 596-619

The following readings are compulsory for the “Political theory of EU solidarity” workshops only

  • Aristotle (Carnes Lord Translation)_Politics_Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013_Book 1 (pp. 38-56); Book 2, Chapters I-II (pp. 57-58)
  • Raz, Joseph_The Authority of Law_Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009_Chapter 1, pp. 3-28
  • Rousseau, Jean Jacques_On the Social Contract_Book I (pp. 140-151); Book II, Chapters IV-VI (pp. 154_160)