COFE Citizens’ Feedback Event: a video report from Brussels

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On 2 December 2022 Citizen Panelists who participated in the Conference on the Future of Europe gathered in Brussels, together with political representatives, to receive an update on how the institutions planned on taking forward their proposals. During the meeting, citizens also offered their own criticism of the follow-up process, culminating in two open letters to the Commission and Council [read them both here].

Members of the EUI-STG Democracy Forum and Citizens Take Over were also present during the Brussels event, to evaluate the current state of play as observers and critical friends of the experiment. In the short video below, produced by EUMANS, friends and colleagues in our network share their thoughts regarding the central role that civil society has to play in ensuring a responsive and accountable follow-up to the COFE experiment. Thanks, in particular, to Virginia Fiume for permission to post here.

*Further information and documentation regarding the official follow-up is available on the COFE website.

*For more information on EUMANS/CTOE’s Transnational European Assembly on End of Life Decisions, as well as future plans, click here.