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on Monday 22 May at 10:30, Via Zoom

Meet & Discuss Session

The session is introduced by Matthias Ebejer (HEC) and Ana Struillou (HEC) and co-organised with the Mobility and Migration working group.

In recent years, the number of studies on moving objects has multiplied. From textiles, artefacts to food, the past seems to have been woven by the constant flow of moving things. When exploring the complex topic of things in motion, numerous questions arise: How did these objects travel? How long did it take for them to get to their intended destination? What hindered their movement? How were they transformed during their travels? What determined their value? All of these questions demonstrate the entanglements of material culture in motion with many other fields of research such as economic history, history of transport or even global history in general.

This is the first session of its discussion series “Talking about Things”. In what we hope will be a multi-disciplinary exchange, the discussion will focus on issues of mobility, migration and the relationship between people and things within these complex processes. To structure this introductory session, we encourage researchers to give a short and informal presentation on any subject of their choice, be it a theoretical reflection on the topic and/or any piece from their own research and/or a specific object or image. Discussions and questions will follow each presentation. These presentations are on a voluntary basis and those researchers who do not wish to present are still welcome to attend.

Any volunteers who wish to present should contact: Ana Struillou or Matthias Ebejer.

To register and to receive the zoom meeting link please contact Iseabail Rowe