Florence: Global?  

Speakers: Lia Markey (Newberry Library), Giorgio Riello (EUI), Giulia Calvi (Università di Siena/EUI), Brian Brege (Syracuse University), Alessio Assonitis (The Medici Archive Project), Valentina Conticelli (Galleria degli Uffizi), Justin Randolph Thompson (Black History Month Florence) Abstract: When it comes to a cityscape that has shaped the popular visual and material impression of ‘The Renaissance’ only one name comes to mind. A name […]

The World in Dress: Costume books across Italy,  Europe and the East

EUI Visual and Material History Working Group hosts a book presentation by Giulia Calvi (Università di Siena). In the early modern period costume books and albums participated in the shaping of a new visual culture that displayed the diversity of the people of the known world on a variety of media including maps, atlases, screens, […]

The Practical use of visual and material sources in a PhD thesis

The Visual and Material History Working Group is happy to invite you to its first session on 11th November. Have you ever wondered how to include visual and material sources in your research and writing? This workshop will act as an opportunity to share some useful tools, bibliography, and methodologies to start working with these types of […]

Renaissance Walking Tour

Our introductory meeting takes place as a walking tour introducing you to Renaissance Florence. Working and living in a historic city and historic buildings, we want to think about what the visuality and materiality surrounding us does to our lives and work. Joined by fellow researchers Ludwig Pelzl and Mikko Koskela we’re meeting at 11am on 26 October 2022 at Palazzo […]

PROGRAMME: 3rd EUI Conference in Visual and Material Culture Studies.

Souvenirs, Keepsakes and Tokens: Material and Visual Expressions of Personal Memories 16 May 2022 – 17 May 2022 REGISTRATION: Monday 16 May 2022: eui.eu/events?id=543819 Tuesday 17 May 2022: eui.eu/events?id=547460 Organisers: Elisa Chazal, Isabelle Riepe, Ana Struillou (Visual and Material History Working Group) The researcher-led Visual and Material History Working Group of the Department of History […]

Between text and materiality. Discussions in book history

The Visual and Material History Working Group is collaborating with the Intellectual History Working Group at the EUI to bring you a two-hour seminar with three exciting avenues into book history. We ask what a focus on the practices involved in making, moving and reading books brings to the field of book history. Our aim […]

Feathers and the making of luxury experiences at the early modern Spanish court

The EUI Visual and Material History working group hosts a paper by Dr. Stefan Hanß (University of Manchester) on 26 April 2022 17:00 (Hybrid-Mode)   This paper charts the activities of featherworkers at the Habsburg court in Madrid. Drawing on archival records, objects, and paintings from sixteenth-century Spain, I argue that royal featherworkers’ skills, wit, […]

Visual and material history of sexualisation

The Visual and Material History Working Group and the Queer and Feminist Studies Interdisciplinary Working Group host a joint session at the crossroads of gender history and material culture. This workshop aims to conduct a reflection on how to integrate visual and/or material sources within the study of gender and sexuality. This workshop will be […]

Call for Papers: Souvenirs, keepsakes and tokens: material and visual expressions of personal memories (12th-21st centuries)

CALL FOR PAPERS 3rd EUI CONFERENCE IN VISUAL AND MATERIAL CULTURE STUDIES Souvenirs, keepsakes and tokens: material and visual expressions of personal memories (12th-21st centuries) 16th May 2022 European University Institute, Florence Organizing committee: Elisa Chazal, Isabelle Riepe, Ana Struillou People use objects as a memento for fragments of their lives, be they ordinary memories of childhood, or extraordinary memories of travel, wonder, belief, rupture or oppression. From the […]